How to make your home look stunning and glamorous


There are numerous attractive and captivating things and objects in our surrounding which are worth paying attention from the Champs of Ulyses to the London’s best streets. Some of the things displayed in the shops are within our reach while some are not but we can always window shop. Luckily, things have changed for us now-a-days. Many of the particular things like designer items, home furnishings and much more have now become accessible. This is the result of the infiltration of the many of the eminent High Street stores, which has made the so called expensive products, quite within the reach of the majority of the public.

The range of these luxury items includes almost each and everything from the bath towels to the lamp bases and to placemats. This gives us a fine opportunity to give a unique look to our houses by making use of these valuable products found in the market.

The competition among the retailers has become very fierce which has resulted in lower prices. So it has become easy now to buy these accessible and luxury accessories by spending a little more amount of money at the designer merchandises. This will ensure that it will not only out live the High Street fashion counterpart but will also exhibit all the features which attracted your attention towards it for the first time.

Evidently, the superior quality of the product is of supreme importance. Therefore only the finest quality materials are used. The designer products possess unique individuality and subtleness in their color schemes which is gained through the creative imagination of the designers. The outcome is the products that possess glamour and elegance and lasts for years without losing it.

Though not all the accessories possess the visual qualities and there are many highly practical items on the list but still they possess a certain finish, shine and quirkiness which immediately distinguish them as genuine designer items.

It is very easy and simple to adopt an eclectic approach by blending the traditional sort of pieces such as a modern oilcloth tablecloth, with the contemporary ones by spending little more time at the planning stage. This will produce marvelous and captivating outcomes.

pvc tablecloth
Tradition PVC tablecloth with contemporary design

The present day fashion of make-over programs that run on television has made a great contribution in altering the interest of the people towards their own surrounding environments. These programs have shown that it is not very costly to turn their surrounding into stunning places. These programs also offer wealth of valuable information on how you can maximize the effect by taking advantage of the opportunity to be more daring.

Some people also feel that it is necessary to have a complete view of any particular idea before initiating it. All around the year various exhibitions are arranged throughout the country in which designers offer on the spot help and offer free advice on how you can initiate and implement your ideas.

Consequently, now it is easily possible, to create any type of ambiance you want by making use of the creative lightning strategies. So why not take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to utilize your own ideas and play around with them. Take benefit of the latest designer home accessories which are accessible to you and not farther than your local departmental store or town center.

New Rug Line by Laura Ashley & ‘Creative Home Ideas’


A brand new collection of decorative rugs are to be produced by the new venture formed by the British lifestyle company Laura Ashley and Creative Home Ideas.The range will include a range of decorative accent, bath, kitchen and outdoor rugs and mats which is to be revealed at New York Home Fashions Market next month as reported by Home Furnishing News

Geared towards Laura Ashley consumers, the modern range features both classic and contemporary styles using a combination of bold prints and traditional designs. The Laura Ashley rug display will be at 295 Fifth Avenue, suite 1714; which is where Creative Home Ideas exhibits.

Executive vice president of Creative Home said “We are pleased to build our business in partnership with Laura Ashley and to incorporate the brand’s signature designs into a beautiful collection of rugs for the home.”

President of Laura Ashley, Penne Cairoli said ” Expanding on our existing home furnishings categories the new rug collections will have distinctive, beautifully crafted looks that are both luxurious and affordable.”


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